Top 10 Keys to Donation Pages That Work

Top 10 Keys to Donation Pages That Work

If just online fundraising were as straightforward as incorporating a donate button to your website! You require great stories-and great writing and media on your site to showcase those tales. However, you already knew that-you know that people need to get motivated by your work until they will click that contribute button.

Yet, you have to get folks to see your website initially or that donate button is useless. And before you do even that, your website’s donate button-and donation form-has to be designed in such a manner that, once motivated, people will follow along with the contribution. Fantastic stories, emotional writing and amazing media aren’t sufficient to get people to fill out the donation procedure if your donate button is hidden, or your donation page a confusing jumble. Here are 11 tips to help you optimize your site’s contribute page and match for maximum effect.

Donate Button: Be Seen & Clicked

Donate Button: Be Seen & Clicked

If you’d like people to contribute, you’ve got to make it effortless for them. If people can not locate your donate buttonhow do they assist? If they need to work to supply you with money, odds are they won’t.

1. Use clear language in your own button like Donate Today or Give Today. This isn’t the place for obscure calls to action-even”Support Us” isn’t strong enough, as this may be anything: offer, planned giving, in-kind gifts. Nor is it time for self-improvement. Make it totally clear what you need people to do.

2. Contain your contribute button on each page, not only the home page. Did you know that a large chunk of folks do not enter your website from the homepage? If your contribute button only lives there, how a lot of the people who go to your website won’t ever see it?

3. Place your donate button over the fold, in the upper right corner. The top right corner has become the most precious”call to action” place on a website-an perfect location for your contribute button. If your site employs side navigation, listing the Donate button .

4. Use a larger size and contrasting color to create your contribute button stand out. If your donate button blends in with everything else on your website, people will overlook it. Be bold. Make it larger. Make it vivid.

It refers to the area of a page which could be seen without scrolling. Naturally there’s no fold on your computer screen-the term is borrowed from the newspaper industry where the main stories are placed on the front page above the fold.

They’ve clicked, they’re ready to provide, your work here is done! Nope, think again. The deal is not sealed until somebody clicks”Submit.” They’ll if you optimize it.

1. Direct people to a real, secure contribution form. People who click on”donate now” wish to do just that-a page list the cornucopia of giving options you have does not help them do that. Put your wishlist and info on planned giving, stock transfers, automobile donations, etc. someplace else.

2. Reinforce your request on the donate page. Do not dump people on a webpage without a messaging-or generic messaging like”Donate Now” and that’s it. You have got to nudge people to continue-briefly remind them why they would like to give having a short message at the top: For every $25 you provide now, a family of four will have food for a month. Thank you for assisting families in need! Or something.

3. Make the form as streamlined and easy as possible. Remove distractions-the easier it is for folks to click away, the more likely they’ll do so. Keep them focused on which they came to do: finish the contribution form and provide. Your message isn’t a distraction, however that sidebar is. And this is indeed not the place to pimp your newsletter or Facebook sign-up one more time.

4. Just require the info that you absolutely need. The more fields you make people fill out, the more likely they’ll abandon your form. Name. Address. Credit card. Donation amount. Email… these are requirements. That is not to say that you can’t ask for more, just make sure people know it is optional, and do not ask for too much more-what information would really be helpful? I would say sex and birthday-both of that will assist with targeting and stewardship later on.

When to make multiple contribution pages (if you can):

1. In case you’ve got several campaigns around different regions of interest. Create different donation pages together with messaging unique to each area rather than a single generic page.

2. Should you segment your appeals by larger and smaller donors. Try making two forms with different donation ranges. I gasped the first time that I saw an online gift form beginning at $5,000. It had been recorded vertically so the rest of the amounts were under the fold. Imagine how your donor that can not really afford $100 will feel upon seeing this. Different donation kinds prevent sticker shock for your lower array donors and discourages significant donors from giving less than they’d. Win win.